Plant In Drought Zones

You may naturally think that plants need plenty of water, but there are plants out there that have adapted to dry areas and regions where there is excessive drought. There would be no need to prepare them for drought with these plants, and there would be no need to use soaker hoses. If you live in the southwest or have recently had a drought, look into plants that do not need as much water to survive. Plants like cacti need little water and will naturally store water on their own, but there are also beautiful plants such as marigolds that will need watering only once a week. Many of these plants will not respond when it comes to overwatering.

Sunflowers. Sunflowers require little watering and are known for yielding bird feed and vegetable oil. They are found in the mid-western portion of the United States, and they are bright and colorful flowers to grow. Because of their extensive taproot, they can do well against droughts and long periods without water.

Marigolds. You can find Marigolds in the United States, but they also can be found throughout Africa and parts of Europe. They require extensive watering during the first couple of weeks of growth, but afterward, they only require watering once a week. They are beautiful flowers to grow and are great for anyone under a water conservation policy by their local counties.

Petunias. Petunias are large flowers that came from South America but became popular in Europe and the United States in recent centuries. These flowers need at minimum 5-6 hours of sunlight per day, and wide varieties only need watering once a week. They are known for growing wide flowers and are a great way to grow something significant and beautiful with little water.

If you are looking for plants that need little water, do some research and find out which plants thrive in warmer areas. Look for places like Africa, where African violets are known to grow. Look for any plant in warmer regions, including the Middle East and Central and South America. Find out what nutrients are required to grow. All kinds of rare and exotic flowers need little water to grow well. You would be surprised just how many beautiful flowers can grow with relatively little water.