Reduce Cooling Costs

Trees are an elegant addition to any landscape, and they provide many perks. One of the many attractive benefits of trees is that they significantly reduce cooling costs. A well-placed tree can decrease cooling costs by up to forty percent! That is a natural way to save money while protecting our planet for future generations.

How it works

A significant amount of water vapor escapes through the tree’s leaves during photosynthesis, which cools the air passing by. Trees with dark, coarse leaves, such as oak trees and maple trees, also absorb solar radiation, making your home safer and healthier. A combination of fast-growing trees, shrubs, and other foliage provides essential shade and creates a microclimate that can reduce the surrounding temperature by as much as 9 degrees.

Careful planting

The placement of your tree is essential in determining the amount of cooling cost reduction. It would help if you planted trees around the east, west, and south sides of the home in such a way that they will shade the roof, walls, and windows, at their mature size. Shading an outdoor condenser unit is also efficient, as long as airflow is not obstructed. It is also essential to leave space between the home and shrubbery to allow for excellent airflow. Trees should be placed far from home, so the branches do not touch any structures and the roots do not present problems relating to the foundation or utilities. Be sure to check with your local utility company before digging, and don’t plant under any obstructions, such as electrical lines, that the tree will grow into.

Types of shade trees

Deciduous trees, which lose their leaves every year, are the best choice because they allow the sun to shine through in winter to help heat your home and provide natural light. Plus, the fallen leaves make great mulch for gardens. A fourteen to twenty-two-foot tree is a good size to start with. Fast-growing trees will give you a quicker return on your investment and save you more money. Large spreading stock, such as oak and maple trees, is ideal for blocking the glaring sun and reducing interior temperature. They also look grand, have bright fall foliage, and make great trees for climbing, building a treehouse, or setting up a tire swing.

Shade trees make beautiful, multi-faceted assets to any home and add long-lasting value and comfort to your property. They provide privacy, romance, and a focal point to the yard or patio area. The type and size of the tree selected will be specific to your climate and site. Your local nursery can assist with choosing the perfect trees for your landscape.