Remedies For Wilted Plants

If you are unsure how to make your yellow leaves green again, you can do some things. If your plant has yellow leaves or shows signs of wilting, there are ways to turn yellow leaves green once more. If showing signs of yellow discoloration, do not panic; leaves can be pruned and plucked as long as the roots show healthy growth signs. First, check the roots; this is significantly easier for potted plants since roots can sometimes be seen on the surface. If the root quality looks firm and healthy, check your watering levels. Check the soil bed and get a feel of the soil. Use good judgment in knowing whether a plant is over or underwater. If the soil feels dry, water more, and if too wet or muddy, cut back on watering, check the draining system of any pot or soil bed, and, if possible, transfer your plant to a higher quality pot that drains well and contains more room. Often a plant will not grow fully if the roots are constricted. A bigger pot will give plenty of room for plants to grow. That is why it is always best to start a baby plant or seed in larger pots, so you don’t have to risk constricting the plant and transferring it to a larger pot. Whenever a plant is growing, there should be as much stability and less stress as possible as it is growing. Another way to turn yellow leaves into the green is to check for diseases such as plant fungus. You may have a fungus problem if your leaves have any white spots on them or notice that your plant is wilting and producing yellow leaves. Other signs of fungus infestation are light dust that coats the plant, similar to furniture dust. Ways to remedy this is through potassium bicarbonate which you can buy from any local store. That can be sprayed on plants to kill the fungus or to prevent the potential fungus from spreading. However, be careful when spraying bicarbonate on plants since the sunlight combined with the chemical can cause leaves to turn yellow. If this happens, water down any plants to ensure the chemical is gone. Yellow leaves will usually mean some minor steps that have to be taken to address the matter quickly. Even though it will not spell a death warrant for your plant, it is best to find out what is going on with your plant as quickly as possible.