Replenishing Your Garden

You probably fared through the worst of drought season and walked away with quite a bit of plant damage to your lawn or garden. Many have had to undergo droughts in places usually not prone to shortness of rain and public water. If this is you, then there are quick ways of getting your garden back on track. If drought season is rare in your area, then there are ways to replenish your garden quickly so it will appear as if your plants and grass have never been affected by shortness of water. If your lawn has been affected by drought, head to your local plant nursery or supermarket store with a garden section and get sod to patch up rough areas of your lawn. If your entire lawn was scorched by drought, you might need to sod all of your yards. St. Augustine grass is an ideal type of sod, but it depends on your preference. Lay patches of sod with rough or dead areas on your lawn. The patches of sod will blend well with your garden and keep your lawn green and replenished. If you are trying to replant flowers, you have to ensure your soil has the right balance of nutrients once again. If unsure, you can always get your soil tested at a local nursery or mail in your soil to measure the exact nutrients it needs. Once you know the type of soil you need, you can begin balancing out the primary nutrients you’ll need phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen for growth. You can also add support in the form of calcium and magnesium to help plants that are dying. For plants that have struggled through the drought season, add plenty of water and ensure the soil quality is up to par.