Restoration Solutions for Natural Environments

Restoration Solutions for Natural Environments

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is revolutionizing habitat restoration for government agencies, private reserves, and homeowners all across the country. Customers include homeowners who want to create an environment in their outdoor living space that promotes healthy pollinator levels by including a variety of native plants, project managers for parks and municipalities tasked with developing environmentally sound display gardens, and those in charge of reforestation after fire damage or harvesting timber, and horticulturalists employed by large estates and other privately owned properties to head habitat restoration efforts.

As the general public continues to become increasingly aware of the need for habitat restoration on all levels, no matter how small, retail nurseries are also finding that Tennessee Wholesale Nursery provides a cost-effective way to help them meet the needs of their customers.


Tennessee Wholesale Nursery's large inventory covers a variety of environments.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery provides restoration solutions for natural wetlands, prairies, woodlands, and mountain meadows. The vast selection includes flowering annuals and herbaceous perennials, vines, shrubs, and gymnosperms such as ferns, grasses, and trees. Plants include Asclepias incarnata, more commonly known as Milkweed and found to be the only plant that provides habitat for Monarch Butterfly larvae, Calamagrostis Canadensis, or Blue Joint Grass, which is valuable in wetland and marsh restoration, carex chemokinesis Schwein, or Cherokee Sedge, which is used as soil erosion control on slopes and near streams, Viola Canadensis, or White Violet, which thrives in woodland environments where many herbaceous perennials fail to flourish, and many more. Customers can order by USDA agricultural zone, making it easy to find the best plants for their particular climate conditions.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery makes it convenient for the customer.

With guaranteed low prices for Grade-A nursery stock, customers receive conveniences and perks designed to optimize their experience. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery provides a one-year warranty, ships to all 50 states, and allows customers to reserve plants before their preferred shipping date to ensure availability. Wholesale customers receive discounts on orders of 1,000 or more of the same species. The staff at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is also knowledgeable about all aspects of habitat restoration. It is happy to answer questions and help customers make the best possible plant purchasing decisions.