Rich Soil

Finding the right balance of ingredients when it comes to soil fertility can be a tricky process, especially for new gardeners. The basic building blocks for plant growth are potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Nitrogen helps bloom growth. Potassium helps a plants overall growth, and phosphorous helps root growth. It depends on what plant you are growing to maintain proper balance.

Would you please get to know your plant by knowing precisely the nutrients it needs to foster growth? Head to your local nursery and find out how to attain the perfect balance of nutrient growth when nurturing your plants. Also, pick up good fertilizers and mulch to help balance the proper nutrients.

Compost and fertilizers should have a close balance of nutrition for your plants. Soil and fertilizer will be a sound backup system in case your soil begins draining precious nutrients. There are times to start mulching and adding fertilizer, but it depends on the growing plant or vegetable. Ask your local nursery representative to see what some good times are to add compost and fertilizer.

You can also do some research to find out when are good times to add fertilizer and mulch. Some plants require occasional mulching every few months and sometimes once a year. If you are forgetful, mark a particular day on your calendar for when to start mulching.

As plants grow, they lose their nutrients over time, so adding mulch and fertilizer at the right time is essential. Mulch is also extra helpful because it keeps in moisture and heat while protecting the integrity of the soil. Mulch will also keep weeds from reaching your garden.

Getting the right balance of soil can be hard to manage at first, but once you are successful at it, it will become second nature as you continue gardening.