Safety Tips When Trimming

Gardening is fun, but you must always keep safety in mind when gardening. Whenever cutting or pruning, it is best to use clean tools. Never cut with rusty blades. Rust can spread bacteria to your plants, and you risk cutting yourself and taking a hospital trip. Always visit the hospital if you have cut yourself with a rusty blade. Never risk treating the wound yourself if it is a rusty blade. To prevent cuts, always wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Replace tools that are rusted or clean them. Blades should always be sharp as well; Dull blades will also damage the leaves and stems. The same applies to lawnmower blades. After each cutting session, you should adequately wipe off the blades. If you are cutting any bush, then wear goggles. You do not want any residue getting on your face or eyes. Gloves are also an excellent way to protect your hands against the blade, thorns, or any insects in the bushes. When finished cutting, store blades in a proper place. Tools should be kept in a garage or storage area and never in the house where children or pets can reach them. You can use a wall plaque to make sure that tools are not mingled with any clutter. Never mix gardening with automotive tools; the grease and residue could spread to your plants. If you are using steel instruments, use oil to prevent rusting. You can also sharpen blades with wet sandstone. That will allow you to invest in your tools without paying for new toolsets. When pruning, it is essential to use shears specific to gardening. Using regular scissors can damage the plant. It is the best way to get the results you want. Whenever cutting, it is vital to make quick strokes. Cut at an angle as well. If pruning, leave at least a third in overall stem length. If thinking of buying gardening tools, purchase a kit instead of individual instruments. That is the best way to get more for your money. Whenever cutting, it is essential to take your time. Never rush with sharp instruments. It can lead to mistakes that can affect your plants, and you could hurt yourself if you are in too much of a hurry. Gardening is fun, but you can get seriously hurt if the proper safety measures are not taken.