Save Garden Plants From Storms

If you live in an area prone to extreme weather, you can do some things to save your garden. For weather involving strong winds and heavy rain, try placing a large tarp over your gardening area for entrenched plants. Weigh the tarp down with heavy materials like bricks or stone or stick wooden pike in the ground and tie some durable string to the tarp. That will help in keeping plants grounded and will prevent harsh winds from tearing up your garden. That is also a great way to protect your plants in case you have to evacuate your home. Erect a protective screen and make sure it is firmly rooted in the ground. That will help in cutting back any excess water that may get on your garden. If water has flooded your garden, then scoop out as much mud you can with a small shovel and replenish the soil as quickly as possible. There still may be a chance of saving the roots, but it is imperative to get as much muddy soil out of the way to make healthier soil. Repeat the same process you would as if gardening plants for the first time. You’ll want to ensure that your soil is not too muddy before you begin tilling the soil once more.

It will be hard to prevent flooding, but a protective screen will reduce torrential downpours that will drown the roots of your plants and flood out your soil. You can also prune your flowers as much as possible to avoid them being weighed down by heavy rains. As long the roots remain intact, your plants have a high chance of surviving harsh weather. Pruning plants will keep your plants slimmer and ready for any storm. For portable plants, it is easier to take them inside where you can nurture them without the harsh elements.