Shrubs Are On Sale

Shrubs Are On Sale


The Burning Bush is one of the most spectacular bushes to have in any yard. It gets its name from the book of Exodus, in the Bible, when Moses saw the burning bush on the mountain. Looking at this bush gives the person the illusion that it is on fire due to its bright and fiery colors. People choose these plants for the spectacular autumn display of color they provide. Most of the year, the bush has strips resembling pieces of cork. Because of its unusual year-round display, this is a popular selling feature. These plain strips turn to fiery red in fall and put on a show for all to see. They can reach heights of over 15 feet tall and even produce little orange berries during their fall spectacular. This plant does well in the eastern part of the US, especially in zone 4.

The hydrangea is another bush that is a beloved favorite. This bush comes in many colors, but the Blue Hydrangea Shrubs is by far the most stunning. These striking plants are one of many gardeners' preferences. They produce a wonderful fragrance and have a large and dramatic appearance. These plants cannot have full sun but prefer good morning sun and shade in the hottest part of the afternoon. Because of their temperamental nature, careful deliberation must go into planting each one. Too much shade will not allow the flowers to bloom, so getting these in the correct location takes a tricky balance. These plants can get as large as they are tall, roughly around four ft. These plants need an adequate drainage system, as they can quickly develop root rot. While temperamental, they are by far one of the most beautiful plants to add to any space.

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Those who love Flowering Shrubs will think the Azaleas are perfect. Azalea plants come in many colors and love to be planted in groupings. The root system of these plants is rather delicate, so they must have well-drained soil. The goal of keeping the Azaleas alive is to keep the soil cool and moist. These plants only need to be watered about once a week during dry conditions; they do not need a lot of water to survive. They are similar to the Rhododendron, but they are two different plants.

Those who love the little dwarf trees with great color should look at the Myrtle Shrub. One of the most popular ornamental trees found in a lot of landscapes is the Crepe Myrtle Shrub. Popular in the country's southeastern portion, these trees come in all varieties, from dwarf to nearly 20 feet tall. The color choices vary from vibrant purple to sacred white and even fiery red. This tree is so versatile that many people find it will work for their landscape design.

Planning a garden landscape takes a great deal of research. There are so many options that one might find themselves overwhelmed. How much work one wants to put into their garden will depend on the type of plants used. Regardless of what the selections are, the garden is sure to be amazing!