The Beautiful Flowering Kousa Dogwood

The Beautiful Flowering Kousa Dogwood

Kousa Dogwood is a Small, Ornamental Tree

Kousa dogwood is a small, compact tree with shallow roots that blooms white in the spring. The compact nature of the kousa dogwood tree makes it a good option for urban landscapes in zones 5 through 8. Reaching heights of 15 to 25 feet, the kousa dogwood provides color in the spring and shade all summer long. In autumn, its foliage turns bright red. This tree produces fruit from a small, red berry often used in wine-making. Originating in East Asia, the kousa dogwood tree has been naturalized in New York State.

Kousa Dogwood Tree Prefers Well-Drained, Acidic Soil

Kousa dogwood thrives best in partial to full sun in sandy and acidic soil. It is somewhat drought- and disease-resistant, which makes it easy to grow. It prefers at least 4 hours of direct sunlight daily and, under ideal conditions, can grow between 1 and 2 feet per year.
Plant kousa dogwood in a hole as deep as the root ball but twice as wide. Use organic mulch in and around the roots as you settle the tree into the ground. Set the young tree into the ground so the trunk flare is even with the top of the soil, and fill in around the roots. Water well after planting and for the first week as we advance.
The shallow root system of the kousa dogwood tree makes it an excellent choice for planting near walls, buildings, or walkways. Its short, compact stature prevents it from growing into utility lines or hanging over roadways. It matures in a rounded shape, and its fruit naturally attracts songbirds. The seeds of the kousa dogwood are also attractive to squirrels.


Kousa Dogwood Tree Blooms May Through June

The kousa dogwood is native to Japan, China, and Korea and goes by many names. These include Japanese dogwood, Chinese dogwood, Japanese flowering dogwood, and Japanese strawberry tree. Throughout the warmer months, it features dark-green, elliptical-shaped leaves that grow to 4 inches in length. The kousa dogwood blooms from May through June, bursting into beautiful white flowers with centers of greenish-gold. In autumn, its leave turns brilliant colors of scarlet and purple.

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