Tips For The Do-It-Yourself Gardeners To Enhance Your Lawn

Are you looking for ways to save money while growing excellent-tasting produce in your garden at home? Dennis Sons of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has many ways to save money while still enjoying a very productive garden. You can reuse many items while gardening. You may be able to collect and reuse topsoil from elsewhere on your property for your garden. You can start seeds in egg cartons. Yogurt or cottage cheese containers can be used to start seeds or to grow young plants. Plastic milk jugs can be cut and turned upside down to protect plants from frost. Another easy way to stretch your gardening dollars is to trade cuttings, seeds, or plants with other gardeners. You can also check out local plant swaps where you can exchange your excess plants for new plants from someone else’s garden. You can also dig up wild plants and plant them at home in your garden.

Kids doing planting


It is easy to save money on fertilizer for your garden. Horse manure makes excellent fertilizer and is usually available from any local horse stable for free or meager cost. Coffee also grinds 7make excellent fertilizer. You can save your used coffee grinds or ask your local coffee shop to keep them for you. You can even use ground-up eggshells and potato peelings for fertilizer. Mulch can be pretty expensive in the store, but you can find it free in your recycling bin. You can lay down sheets of newspaper on the soil or mulch. Grass clippings can also be used as cheap mulch.

It is also easy to keep pests out of your garden. If you plant herbs alongside the other plants in your garden, the herbs will help keep pests away from your other plants. You can also make your pest spray by mixing garlic, minced hot peppers, water, and a little dish soap.

It’s easy to repurpose everyday household items in your garden. You can turn an old bucket into a container for plants. You can use old forks or serving spoons to work up the soil in your garden. You can use branches or twigs to stake plants. You don’t need to spend much money to have a great garden.