Top Choices In Garden Shrubs

Trying to liven up your garden, but you're not sure where to start? Here are some of our top picks in shrubs and flowers to really make your landscape pop, all of which you can buy at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

The versatile, sweet-smelling family of roses adds beauty, romance, and whimsy to any garden. Roses come in gorgeous purple, classic red, cheery yellow, and gleaming white. You can find a rose of any size or color to complement your yard or to plant in flower beds and pots for porches. Roses endure well in many climates and can even survive drought conditions, and their ease of cultivation makes them a perfect flower for beginners.

Azaleas are hardy flowers able to thrive in various climates, perfect for gardeners with temperamental temperatures. They come in a full spectrum of vibrant colors. The large size and tempting fragrance of rhododendron azaleas make them the belle of the ball. In contrast, the more modest Piedmont pink azaleas provide a delightful complement to showcase your more illustrious plants or to line your driveways and fences with a splash of color. Border your shrubs with colorful English ivy to make them pop with vibrance and color.

Pee Gee Hydrangea shrubs are perfect for any garden, they are easy to grow, and they become covered in gorgeous white flowers.

Bamboo can add an air of ancient exoticism with its distinctive, stoic stalks. No need to wait on bamboo -- it can grow to its full height in only a few short months. Create a forest wreathed in mist and mystery. They're great for the environment, too: bamboo makes more oxygen than other trees, and its stalks can be harvested for use in furniture and home decor. As evergreens, you can enjoy them year-round.

Shape your landscape with hardy hedges surrounding your garden like the frame to a work of art, sculpted to accentuate the borders of the land or give your home privacy. In shades of fabulous emerald and warm gold, easy to grow and maintain, they can wreathe any landscape in any climate. Pruned or unpruned, hedges have been a horticultural staple throughout history. Privet shrubs are excellent border plants.


All of these are good beginner plants for their hardiness and ease of care. Combine all four to transform your outdoors into a green paradise. You can find these and more available to buy at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.