Trees Help The Environment And Us As Well

Trees Help The Environment And Us As Well

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How Trees Helps The Environment

Trees are essential to our environment for a plethora of different reasons. Besides being beautiful, creating oxygen, and providing shade, they produce so many other good things for us as well, and most of the time, we’re not even aware of such. Trees soothe and relax us; they help us get in touch with our inner nature lover, and we can connect to nature and our surroundings. Green is a serene and calming color that helps recover your eyes from strain. If you plant trees, you’re improving your surroundings, reducing pollution, and helping and increasing the value of your property. While this already seems like a long list, it continues to grow.

Shade trees (which are trees explicitly grown for their shade) are incredibly detrimental. Shade trees can reduce air temperature by blocking sunlight; more cooling occurs when the water evaporates from the leaf. The conversion of water to air vapor – a chemical process – removes the heat energy from the air.

Trees Help The Environment And Us As Well

Native trees can also help your local community in a big way, whether you’re aware of it or not. Planting a tree can seem unneeded and straightforward, and it’s easily overlooked, though it shouldn’t be. Native trees are essentially just trees grown locally and planted by community members. If you plant a native tree, you can improve the efficiency of your heat pump by shading it. If you locally plant an Evergreen tree, it can reduce wind speed and heat loss from your home by 10 to 50 percent. Trees also can block noise and minimize glare. If placed well, you can reduce 40 percent of your sound. Trees also can settle the dust, as well as trap it. It does the same with pollen and even smoke from the air. It can be reduced to as much as 75 percent lower on the sheltered side of the tree compared to the windward side.

That means they help produce more clean air for you and your environment. Trees can help reduce the “greenhouse effect,” and it’s been found that just an acre of trees absorbs enough carbon dioxide in a calendar year to an equal amount produced when you drive a car. The more clean air, the better. Fresh air has a detrimental effect on you and your health, something as simple, quick, and painless as planting a few trees.

The list of good things trees can do for the environment, the community, and your health is endless, and it should not be overlooked. Moss also works well when planted in shade areas and accents trees well.