White Poplar Trees

White Poplars are a perfect tree for any yard. They grow best in climate zones four through nine and prefer full sunlight environments to grow and develop; They can grow anywhere from eighty to one hundred and thirty feet. Additionally, it can grow from thirty to fifty feet wide when it reaches maturity. It prefers moist, well-drained soils when it comes to the soil but is adaptable to other types and makes it an excellent choice for those with less than desirable soils. Native to Eurasia, it is documented as a tree grown in North America; oddly enough, only female trees have grown. It was also used to decorate public places in Rome and belonged to the genus Populus. It will produce small fruits in the summer months of the year and clusters on the stems. It blooms during the springtime of the year, is green in color, and does not have any petals.

The foliage on this tree is beyond amazing. The leaves are long and wavy in shape and have fine white hairs on the underside of the leaf. These hairs will disappear as the leaves age. As summer approaches, the leaves will be larger and still have the hairs underneath. The white hairs are what gives it its name, and when the wind is just right, you get a glimpse at how breathtaking this tree is. The top crown is open and broad, and the bark is young. It may have a greenish color to them. As the tree ages, the bark will change to a darker gray color and be beautifully paired with its fantastic foliage. The White Poplar is just a fantastic tree, one's yard with plenty of room, and you should make this tree a consideration when making an addition to your yard. It is beautiful and vibrant and will give you years of beauty and life.