Why Red Oak Trees Are a Must-Have for Wildlife-Friendly Landscaping

Why Red Oak Trees Are a Must-Have for Wildlife-Friendly Landscaping

Red Oak Tree

Red Oak Tree is a species of oak tree native to North America. It has red-colored leaves in the autumn, and its bark has tannic acid that feels rough to one's skin when lightly scraped. Red Oak Tree is a medium-sized tree that can grow up to 18m (60ft) in height and 40cm in diameter.

It has a crooked stem, with the trunk's crown lower than where the branches begin. The bark of the red oak tree is rough and tan, except for certain red parts. When young, the leaves are yellowish-green and turn brown or russet to a silvery color as they grow older.

Growth Rate and Form

Red Oaks Tree develop at a prolonged rate but are among the most long-living trees in North America. They can live up to 400 years, with some varieties living as long as 700 years. Although these trees start growing relatively slowly, their growth rate increases when they reach about 10–20 years old. Trees grow fast in the first 50 feet (15m) of height and then leave off.

Soil Preference

Red oak trees do best in acidic soil, preferably in stony places with a high percentage of sand. A few nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, are essential for the tree to thrive. They also need good drainage and protection from wind, mainly used for landscaping purposes. They prefer sites along rivers, streams, and lakes to remain calm and moist during hot summers.


To attract wildlife to your garden, consider planting red oak trees. Some birds and mammals, such as squirrels and bluejays, rely on the tree's fruits for food. The bird population is significantly boosted by the presence of these types of trees, as they provide a source of leaf litter, seeds, and fruit for them to feed on all year long.

Sun Preference

Red oaks can survive well in full sunlight but may grow slower. Some varieties can tolerate shade, but their growth rate will be slower than specimens grown in the open. Red oak trees prefer a partly shaded site to allow for a more even distribution of sunlight over their leaves. The leaves fall faster when exposed to too much direct sunlight, creating a messy and unattractive appearance you don't want your yard to have.


Red oak trees are great for creating a shady area in your yard. They are also commonly planted near the entryways of outbuildings, clubs, and garages to provide shelter from strong winds. Various types will provide enough shade, and they can be placed in a wide range of positions to create accents and focal points, such as hedges around walls or fences, or bring more interest to bare hardscape areas.

Red oak trees are not only an excellent choice for providing shade, but they are also an excellent choice for Landscaping purposes. Planting can be in various styles and settings to create the perfect look. While red oak trees may start slowly, they grow at a rate similar to the growth rate of other seedlings, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who love experimenting with gardening ideas.