Winds And Gardening

Pay Attention to Wind when Gardening

Wind can affect the way your plants grow. Strong winds could uproot your plants if a plant is not firmly rooted in the ground. It is essential to ensure that the soil type is firm and the plants are deeply snug in the ground. If dealing with a vital wind factor, try setting up a temporary barrier to safeguard your plants. Harsh winds can damage your foliage and stems. If necessary, place a tarp over your plants to protect your plants against harsher winds and potentially heavy rain. Strong winds and too much rain can ruin your garden and damage your entire garden.

Winds can also carry harmful microbes and fungus. Fungus spores can travel in the air and can infect your garden. Bacteria from weeds can also float in the air and contaminate your garden, which is why it is always essential to get rid of weeds in and around your garden. The best safeguard against airborne spores is to set up a miniature barrier. Planting your garden against a fenced area or setting up a small fence is an excellent way to protect plants against airborne spores and pathogens.

Wind can also upset your soil bed if it is too strong. An excellent way to protect your soil bed is to add mulch. Complex chip mulch is a great way to keep the soil safe. Mulch is an effective barrier against weeds and will keep extra moisture in the ground. If you live in an arid or excessively windy area, you may want to keep track of how much wind will come to evaporate the moisture your plant will need. If you notice that your soil bed is more dry than usual, add more water to ensure that your plants get enough water. Place an index finger on the ground to see if the soil is too dry. Healthy soil should always have a dark and moist texture. Add more water if the soil is sandy or too dry to the touch. Dry soil usually means a lack of nutrients which can harm your plants in the long run.

Plants not getting enough water include yellow leaves and a wilted appearance. The wind is an unseen factor that can affect your plant's growth. Take preventive measures to ensure that your plant is not injected with airborne spores or bacteria. Plants like the privet hedges and other hardy plants work well with the wind.