A Biblical Plant - The Benefits Of Planting Burning Bush

A Biblical Plant - The Benefits Of Planting Burning Bush


Burning Bush

The Benefits Of Planting Burning Bush

Do you love fall colors and bright, vibrant bushes, then the burning bush is an excellent option. There are many benefits to planting this type of forest, but their aesthetic beauty is only the beginning.

Needs Little Care

Not everyone is blessed with a “green thumb.” The burning bush shrub is an excellent choice for those who don’t have much time to make their landscaping look amazing. These bushes are tolerant to neglect and can give any space the ornamental addition it needs. Unless a person lives in an arid area, there I no need to water these bushes.

They are complex and can withstand most country areas but do best in zones 4-8. While they like moist soil, it does need to have proper drainage. They prefer moisture-rich soil and should not be planted in alkaline soils, as this may cause yellowing of the leaves. They need full sunshine to give the fall a spectacular color display.

Burning Bush

Doesn’t Need Pruning

Pruning bushes can be thorny, which is why so many people opt to use these maintenance-free shrubs. The burning bush does not need to be pruned unless you want to. If they are used in an application where it is right next to the home, they should be trimmed. However, they can grow as tall as a small tree if allowed to grow freely. As a maintenance-free ornamental shrub, it is often chosen first.

Vibrant Burning Bush

Vibrant Color Display

Nature is full of unusual and colorful plants, but few have the stunning beauty of the burning bush shrub. Unlike most plants blooming in the spring, these bushes become full color during the fall. The leaves turn a deep reddish-purple color giving it the nickname “burning bush.” That is used to describe the bush that was on fire in the Bible that Moses saw. They demand attention when placed in any landscape as a truly spectacular sight.

Allows Colorful Foliage in Diverse Seasons

While it is true that most plants tend to peak in their blooming in spring, the burning bush has a mind of its own. It blooms to full color in fall. Most landscapers try to select foliage that will give the yard year-round color. If everything blooms only in spring, the yard will have color about 3-4 months out of the year. Using shrubs like this one makes it easy to have year-round curb appeal for all to see.

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