Fighting Pests in Your Garden

Fighting Pests in Your Garden

Bugs in Your Vegetable Garden

If you are growing any food in your yard, you may run into insect problems. Many gardeners may have all kinds of insects without knowing it. Insects like roaches frequent anywhere where there is a steady supply of food out in the open, including fruits and vegetables. If you are growing ground-level vegetables such as tomatoes or watermelon, insects are a concern. Many insects thrive most during warmer climates and can be found in just about any yard. If you are growing any vegetable, it is essential to find out what kinds of insects are in your yard. Though insects can benefit your garden, some can be a significant burden.

Insects like cockroaches carry over 30 diseases and can be bred relatively rapidly. There are all kinds of ways to treat roaches. You can have a lawn company treat your lawn, but there is significant risk in the types of chemicals they use. There is also the household chemicals spray, but there is a risk in spraying such chemicals around your vegetables. The best way to treat roaches is prevention and some organic pesticides to keep them away.

The first thing to do is to keep a clean yard and house. Bugs can be attached to things such as compost and fertilizer. Ensure that all gardening items are kept in a safe area and sealed in a fresh container or garbage bin. Any spills or leftover residue from gardening should be swept up and cleaned when finished with your gardening session. That will keep out bugs and other unwanted pests such as rats.

It is also essential to keep a clean basement and garage area. Roaches and other insects love to frequent the indoors to keep away from the cold. That is also a time when you can find destructive insects like roaches in yards. If you have a pet, keeping food and water safe and away from insects is essential. You can lay down some insect bait around your yard and your pet’s area to keep roaches from getting indoors. If you have a roach problem and you are a gardener, you will most likely have a roach problem outside as well.

Check your yard to see what kind of insects are in your area. Ladybugs will help you get rid of harmful insects. Lacewings are good as well. As a gardener, it is essential to recognize excellent and harmful insects.