Five Plants for Pet Owners

Five Plants for Pet Owners

For so many pet owners, the struggle has always been to keep the cats out of the house. Why not plant something your kitty can enjoy? Cats love greenery. They're animals, and just like animals should. They enjoy natural things like plants. The roughage is good for soothing their bellies. Some plants are just plain healthy for your kitty to eat. If you're interested in knowing just a bit more about the plants your feline friends are safe to enjoy, you've come to the right place. Here is a quick summary of your kitty friends' top five plants you will love having around the house.


Valerian Plants

Valerian Plants

Valerian plants have a similar effect to catnip for a cat. It’s a mild stimulant for kitties but an excellent relaxant for humans. If you have a problem getting your kitty up and around for healthy doses of exercise, then you should plant some valerian around the porch. Not only does the plant have sound feeling effects for your cat, but it tastes pretty yummy to them.

Cat Grass Cats are big fans of several different types of grass. Cat grass is named because of the feline’s fancy for its succulent blades. Cats are generally drawn to high in vitamins, and grasses are suitable for this reason. Oat grass is one of the kitty favorites too! It’s a little bit easier on their stomachs because oat grass blades are not as rigid and rough as other grasses. Sometimes Mr. Kitty wants a little more chlorophyll in his diet.


Cat Grass


Catnip is an old favorite for house cats, though most people don’t realize that catnip isn’t a happy treat for some kitties. Only about seventy percent of cats react positively to catnip. The other thirty percent don’t care much for it. Nevertheless, you can grow your little patch in a pot inside your home for a kitty to chew on whenever they please. Just be careful not to allow them to munch on it so much that they kill the plant. Some kitties will love it so much that they will devour the greenery right down to the roots, doing unrepairable damage to the plant.

Lemon Grass

That is another plant that will be beneficial to the kitty and owner. The smell of lemongrass is attractive to cats. If you’re growing some for your purposes, you’ll want to plant a little extra. Your kitty will find some delightful chewing when you’re not looking. Perennial plants are some you do not want to plant, as some are toxic to felines.


Chamomile has long been an agent of relaxation for humans, but what about the feline family? Cats enjoy chamomile for the same reasons we do. It relaxes them, and it’s a relatively soft plant. If you brew a tea out of dried chamomile, a small dose to your kitty will help settle their stomach. Could you not give them too much, though? It could have the opposite effect.

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