Grow Your Salad Bar At Home With Veggies And Fruits

Grow Your Salad Bar At Home With Veggies And Fruits


Grow Your Salad Bar at Home

Most people would agree that there is nothing better than a nice salad made from fresh ingredients. The problem is few have the time to run to the local grocery store or fresh produce stand every time they're craving one. Of course, people could always take up gardening and grow their salad. After all, increasing ones lettuce only takes a few easy steps, from planting the seeds to enjoying the delicious rewards.

Choosing the Garden Location

The first step is determining where to put the garden. If planting outside, some things to consider, like lighting and soil. A window box garden is preferable in some cases, mainly if one doesn’t have suitable land for gardening. Containers make perfect planters for indoor gardens. It would help if you found a place out of the way but has plenty of light, such as in the area of a sunny window.

Prepping the Garden

Whether one is growing a garden inside or outside, both have the exact basic needs. First and foremost is quality soil or rich compost. That may be why one opts for window boxes if one’s land lacks suitable soil. One should also ensure the garden has good drainage or risk destroying the crop. If one decides to use containers, take the time to ensure they have drain holes.

Planting Time

Finally, the time has come to plant. Of course, one must first decide what to grow and how long before the garden is ready. Lettuce generally takes 60-70 days, depending on the species, while onions are available in 55-60 days. Some produce should be planted at a specific time of the year; cucumbers and tomatoes are best when planted in March. One may also want to consider sowing lettuce seeds about every two weeks, ensuring there is.