Lindera Benzoin Spice Bush

Lindera Benzoin Spice Bush

Spice Bush Blooms In Winter

The Spice Bush is native to Ohio. It usually is one of the first plants to bloom in late winter. This tree's small branches and twigs let out a pleasant, spicy fragrance. Usually, it is seen in moist or wet woodlands.

Spice Bush Is An Evergreen

This will be if anyone is looking for a way to liven up their holiday season. The Spice Bush can also provide something to look forward to in January and February amid harsh snowfalls and bitter temperatures. However, blooming action occurs in the summer, and fall-red berries provide food for wildlife.

It is preferred for its dark green, glossy foliage that unusually thrives in woody areas. This bush can provide shade and border, especially when several are planted in a row.

Zones 4-9
Mature Height- 12 ft
Mature Width- 15 ft
Growth/year- 6 inches-2 ft
Sunlight- Full Shade to Partial Sun
Soil conditions- Moist, Wet
Botanical name- Lindera benzoin

Spice Bush Is A Awesome Addition To Anyone's Yard