Make Your Yard A Butterfly Hangout

Make Your Yard A Butterfly Hangout

A beautiful garden that is environmentally friendly and inviting to some of the most amazing creatures may not be considered such without including the butterflies' favorite dish, Milkweed. Asclepias tuberosa, as it's known scientifically, is a native of the eastern North American states. This relative of Asclepias syriaca is also identified as a butterfly weed because it attracts butterflies with its sweet nectar. Making this addition to your garden will provide the perfect combination of coverage and allure.

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Environmentally Friendly

Going Green in your garden is made simple with this perennial because this milkweed is excellent for zero gardenings. If you choose a section in the sun that’s nice and dry, where the ground is sandy and full of gravel, then it will be just perfect for planting Asclepias tuberosa. Regardless of whether you start with seeds or plants, it grows well. Its self-seeding nature makes it very low maintenance so that you will enjoy it more. You may find the common milkweed thriving even during the most prolonged drought seasons. Though occasionally you may find it growing near a stream of water, it’s good to know that it’s not a requirement to enjoy these beautiful nectar-filled flowers.

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Alluring Nature

Asclepias tuberosa has a unique appeal. It is recognizable because it grows in clusters like an enticing bouquet. Beautiful Monarch Butterflies are drawn to this orange and yellow flowering as though it were a reflection of their royal coloring. Although identified as the common milkweed, this appealing nectar dish resembles the milky sap found in other plants. Milkweed grows to a height of 24-36 in. (60-90 cm), which makes this like having a table in your garden, set just for the monarchs. This nectar also proves to be the choice food for the caterpillars who will grow to carry on a marvelous migratory tradition. Though these creatures are not alone in reaping the benefits, milkweed has proven effective as a natural treatment for people with a congested cough. How wonderful would it be to pull from your garden for health benefits?

Perfect Timing

Budding and blooming during the warmer months of the year, these perennials are timed perfectly to entice the monarchs during their migration season. They make a long journey to escape the coming cold weather in the autumn season of each year. Having the common milkweed in your garden would provide the perfect stopover for the Monarch Butterfly during its annual migration to the southern warmth of Mexico.