Perfect Flower Bed For Gardening

Perfect Flower Bed For Gardening

Want to make a statement? Say it with flowers!

The perfect flower bed has one thing in common with a Chagall painting: color. To create the perfect flower bed, decide on the color scheme first before choosing flowers. Also, consider whether the perfect flower bed will bloom in the daytime or a "moon garden" that blossoms only in the moonlight are more suitable. Either way, the color remains the bedrock of the perfect flower bed. To make a statement about the flower bed, consider flowers that contrast with the rest of the landscape or coordinate with it. For example, some gardeners choose only blue, red, or white flowers to make a statement. Other gardeners feel the statement of Monet-style hues of flowers is more subtle. The perfect flower bed can be home to perennials or annuals. The flower bed's floral residents should have eye appeal and balance in color, size, and dimension. The level of drama in the perfect flower bed depends on the passion for flowers the gardener.

Flower Bed
Flower Bed

The Offbeat Flower Bed

Many flower beds today are designed with an offbeat contemporary look. For example, this type of flower bed might begin with ground covers with daylily plants poking through at various intervals in bright orange or golden yellow, set off by Virginia bluebells and a backdrop of lime-colored ferns. Ground covers like English Ivy, trilliums and periwinkle create a more traditional mood for the perfect flower bed. The design of traditional flower beds tends to require dimension. Plant these cover trilliums, periwinkle, and English Ivy ground covers in areas with a bit of rolling hilly soil. It's important to note that ferns multiply quickly once root systems are embedded in the soil.

Orange Lily

Where to plant a Hummingbird Vine

As its name suggests, the hummingbird vine attracts hummingbirds. It also attracts the eye of flower lovers with its bright red flowers. Since it is a vine, it requires maintenance to keep it from overpowering the rest of the flower bed. As one of the sturdy perennials, the hummingbird vine will produce blooms reliably with minimal care.

White Trillium
Trumpet Vine

Create the Perfect Flower Bed

Choose the level of drama to create the perfect flower bed; Plant Virginia bluebells on a blanket of periwinkle with golden daylily plants in the center of the bed. The dramatic blue and yellow will catch attention quickly—plant ferns as the backdrop to a bed of trilliums for green and white drama.

Flower Bed
Flower Bed

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