Red Cardinal Flower Is Native to the United States

Red Cardinal Flower Is Native to the United States

The red cardinal flower, or red lobelia, is a wildflower Native to North America and is hardy in growing zones 1 through 10. Blooms of the red cardinal flower are trumpet-shaped. They grow in clusters of bright red on tall spikes that reach heights of 48 inches. In cooler climates, the red cardinal flower thrives in full sun. In warmer climates, it prefers morning sun and afternoon shade. This plant is a perennial that returns year after year without reseeding. It blooms in mid-to-late summer and attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.


Red Cardinal Flower Is Pest-Resistant


Many gardeners choose the red cardinal flower because it is naturally resistant to wildlife such as deer and rabbits. Still, this brilliantly colored perennial is easy to grow and is a good choice for cutting gardens. Red lobelia prefers moist and damp soil, with lots of organic matter mixed in for natural fertilizer. During dry spells, the red cardinal flower requires deep watering.
These deep red plants were once used medicinally by Native Americans. Still, because the plant is toxic, today, it's grown primarily for its attractive red color and to bring wildlife, such as hummingbirds, to the garden.


Red Cardinal Flower Features Dramatic, Dark Foliage


The foliage of the red cardinal flower is a dark burgundy, which contrasts with its vivid red blooms. When planted prolifically and close together, this perennial garden makes a bold statement in your backyard or flower garden. Its height makes it a good choice of background plant in cottage gardens. Aside from being showy in the wild, the red cardinal flower is a favorite for tabletop bouquets; its height and robust and sturdy stem make it an ideal cutting flower. It's also good to note that every part of this flower is toxic to pets.

Red lobelia is for sale at Tennessee Wholesale nursery. Plants will be shipped bare root and well packaged with adequate moisture. They'll arrive healthy and ready for immediate planting in your prepared area. The red cardinal flower requires insects and hummingbirds to thrive, so expect to attract these forms of wildlife to your yard if you plant red lobelia.

The red cardinal flower is ideal for planting around ponds, streams, or bird baths where the soil is primarily damp. With adequate water and sunlight, this plant will thrive without the constant attention some species require. Buy red cardinal flowers at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery for low prices and fast shipping.

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