Rose of Sharon Flower Is A Favorite Of Butterflies

Rose of Sharon Flower Is A Favorite Of Butterflies


Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon, or Hibiscus syriacus, is a sun-loving shrub that doesn't need much water. It can survive drier soil conditions in areas with partial shade but does better in full sunlight. It is popular in the Southeastern United States for that reason. It grows best in the plant hardiness zones 5-9. A mature plant will reach 8ft with a minimum height of 6ft and a maximum height of 10ft. It can achieve a width of 6ft but usually stays around 5 to 4ft when pruned.

These shrubs are great for gardens because they have late blooms in the summer and can also be pruned in the winter or before. It is a deciduous plant, so it will lose its leaves in the winter after it has bloomed. Contrary to popular belief, this plant is not a rose and is more closely related to a hibiscus flower.

The Red Rose of Sharon is a popular one. Blooming in the summer with deep red flowers, this shrub will catch someone's eye. From the late summer to mid-autumn, the Red Rose of Sharon provides beautiful large red flowers. This flower has a yellow stamen and is attractive to hummingbirds and humans alike. It may also have double blossoms and is usually at the taller end, around 8ft with a 6ft spread.

The pink Rose of Sharon brings soft pink flowers throughout the summer. It has a white stamen that attracts all kinds of winged beauties, including hummingbirds and butterflies. The pink Rose of Sharon grows faster when younger and will produce less with age. It reaches anywhere from 6ft to 10ft in height but usually has a width of 5ft.

The White Rose of Sharon blooms wonderfully without much care. The White Rose of Sharon also has a white stamen. It can thrive longer than other types and provides just as great flowers. It's an average-sized plant like the pink Rose of Sharon.

And last but not least is the purple Rose of Sharon. This flower is a favorite of butterflies. The purple Rose of Sharon and all other types are pest resistant. Hummingbirds eat most bugs that are attracted to these plants and help to keep them safe. Purple Rose of Sharon plants are on the smaller side growing to 6ft or up to 8ft but have an average width of about 5ft.

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