Select Trees & Shrubs For Brilliant Fall Foliage

Select Trees & Shrubs For Brilliant Fall Foliage

It's not uncommon for residential and commercial property owners to focus on warm-weather blooms and greenery when planning a landscape. Perennial plants, ornamental shrubs, and relaxing shade trees make outdoor living exceptional. But it may be possible to extend that natural connection deep into autumn.

Selecting shrubs and trees for their Brilliant fall foliage can be equally attractive to spring and summer flowers. Brilliant Fall Tree Colors the amount of color the leaves of trees and shrubs deliver typically exceeds the coverage of other assets. The square footage of all your flowering perennial plants cannot equal the expansive canopies of trees.

Rethinking how everyday people approach landscaping decisions ranks among the top reasons we provide TN Nursery reviews about topics such as fall foliage. We hope the following information helps you make informed decisions about integrating trees and shrubs with inspiring foliage.



Tips On Planning Your Landscape To Maximize Fall Foliage



Property owners who enjoy the benefit of designing a landscape from scratch may want to consider ways their plants, shrubs, and trees can enhance warm-weather greenery, blooms, and colorful foliage. You don't necessarily need years of experience to employ techniques that present them strategically and pleasingly.

  • Curbside Perspective: Imagine standing in front of the property facing the house or building. One can convert a strategy into a design that begins with low-growing items in the foreground and rises to tower tree foliage in the background. The strategy typically involves positioning shrubs toward the road that delivers fetching foliage, followed by low-height trees and tall trees at the rear of the property. This strategy delivers tremendous curbside appeal and property value.
  • Doorway Perspective: Now, imagine standing at your front or rear door looking over the grounds and wanting to maximize your enjoyment of colorful foliage when relaxing at home. It may be beneficial to employ the precise opposite type of layering. Low-growers are fixed closer to the structure, giving way to taller options in the distance. This use of shrubs and plants often works well with existing homes. That's because many have established trees in the front yard or at the rear of the property.

Along with the layering strategy, gardening enthusiasts can also position shrubs that flourish in shaded areas under large trees or open spaces where full sunlight is applicable. Standalone assets also add robust foliage around mailboxes and along hardscapes, among others. Lastly, mid-height ornamental trees can also feather the grounds when space permits. There's no wrong way to distribute shrubs and trees that produce eye-catching fall foliage. But a well-conceived design allows you to see more colors from a particular vantage point.



Popular Foliage Shrubs & Trees To Consider



It's crucial to weigh foliage selections in the context of their spring and summer values. The goal of a smartly designed landscape involves at least three seasons of lush scenery. That's one reason many gardening lovers choose a series of flowering perennial plants that bloom during spring, summer, and as deep into fall as possible; when considering how shrubs and trees present during autumn, their height, width, and color rank among the top considerations.

  • Dogwood: While many homes and commercial property owners select Dogwood trees for their lovely white or pink blooms, they provide added value during fall. The leaves turn an alluring deep purple-to-red tone. This relatively low-growing ornamental tree typically tops out at 25 feet. The dual benefits of early blooms and colorful foliage make it a go-to asset.
  • Sassafras Tree: Maturing upwards of 60 feet with a 40-foot spread, the Sassafras Tree continues to be associated with flavorful beverages and teas. Its multi-colored fall foliage presents a unique element to any ground.
  • Sugar Maple: The leaves of this trusted North American native tree typically turn orange, yellow, and shades of gorgeous red as summer wanes. It reaches up to 80 feet with a spread of about 50 feet. The Sugar Maple remains a tried-and-true foliage darling and shade tree.
  • Sumac: This hardy native shrub matures to 15 feet tall and produces strikingly bright red fall foliage. Known as a fast spreader, it works seamlessly in total sunlight spaces.
  • Tulip Tree: This large shade tree achieves heights of up to 120 feet but typically levels off at 90 feet. Its 50-foot canopy makes it an attractive shade asset. However, the reliable golden-yellow foliage makes it one of the most cost-effective values. 
  • Viburnum: The Arrow Wood variety generally reaches 6- to 10 feet tall and offers gentle white flowers and lush greenery that transitions to red when autumn's chill arrives. The Arrow Wood Viburnum thrives in full to partial sun with well-drained soil.
  • Witch Hazel: This deciduous shrub typically ranges between 12-15 feet when fully mature, depending on climate, sunlight, and soil conditions. It presents brilliant yellow foliage that descends to the ground and subtle flowers. This native shrub thrives in shaded areas with well-drained soil conditions.

Other hardy trees and shrubs that provide colorful fall foliage include the Red Maple, Burning Bush, Sweet Gum, and Chokeberry, among others. When selecting from these and other options, vantage points, color preferences, and existing plant life are worth considering. Trees and shrubs that provide exquisite fall foliage add lasting seasonal value to any property.

We hope this and other TN Nursery reviews about landscaping strategies help you make informed decisions. We stock a complete inventory of shrubs and trees that offer excellent autumn colors. To place an order or if you have any foliage-related questions, contact our TN Nursery today.



Fall Foliage Can Brighten Anyone's Yard