Snowball Viburnum Are Stunning

Snowball Viburnum Are Stunning

Snowball Viburnum: Fondly called the snowball bush, the Snowball Viburnum is frequently added to the landscape next to more vibrantly colored bushes such as azaleas.

Snowball Viburnum Blooms Are Incredible

The pristine white blooms resemble an actual snowball and pom poms, making this bush a premier choice by gardeners for a beautiful contrast. The blooms begin in early spring and last until late fall, allowing an entire season of 'snow' to enjoy.

Snowball Viburnum Is A Fast Grower

This bush can quickly reach a mature height of 12 feet as the branches spread to extend the width to a matching 12 feet. This bush is a hardy plant that will be the perfect choice for either the garden's center or along the borders. The fragrant blossoms will be a treat for spring and summer, replaced by red-tinged leaves in the fall. Snowball bushes continue to be a favorite choice from the viburnum family.

You Can't Go Wrong Planting Snowball Viburnum They Are Beautiful