The Beautiful Shining Sumac

The Beautiful Shining Sumac

Shining Sumac's Beautiful Fall Colors


The Shining Sumac is most remembered for its deep red fall leaves. It provides the yard with extra color during the year when foliage is rapidly falling from trees. It makes a great bank cover or yard border. It also could serve well while planted in groups to accentuate any landscape scene.



Shining Sumac Is A Hearty Plant


His colony-forming tree is very adaptable. It requires very little care and works well in most displays. The Shining Sumac is a tree native to eastern North America. It also accentuates just about any building it is planted against and provides a refuge for birds and other animals. Everyone from miles around will be waiting for the changes of colors from summer to fall.

Zones 4-8
Mature Height- 18 ft
Mature Width- 8 ft
Growth/year- 6 inches-2 ft
Sunlight- Full Sun to Partial Shade
Soil conditions- Moist, Well-drained
Botanical name- Rhus Copallina



Shining Sumac Can Transform Your Landscape