The Best Evergreens To Plant For A Living Fence

The Best Evergreens To Plant For A Living Fence


The Best Evergreens to Plant for a Living Fence

When it comes to their house and yard, people want privacy. That allows us to use our living space in whichever manner we choose comfortably. A home would almost cease to be a home without this quality. Although there are several options for concealing your yard from the street and neighbors, living fences are widely popular because of their elegance and simplicity. While most towns would require you to file permits for some fence heights, evergreens can grow without restriction or the need for bureaucratic paperwork. The vast choice of species in evergreens makes the possibilities flexible and able to meet the styling standards for any home landscape. However, as is the case for most things, some are better than others.


1. White pine trees are an excellent choice for any living fence because of their significant growth heights –white pine trees, in particular, are the most giant known tree growing in eastern North America and for their ability to persist. Some still growing white pine trees have been dated at 400 years old, which means this beautiful addition to your landscape will be around for your future generations to enjoy. This tree would be best suited planted in well-drained soil away from any power lines or other obstructions.

2. There are about 35 different species of spruce pine trees, making them the most versatile choice for your living fence. The whorled branches indicative of spruce pine trees create an elegant feel. Spruce pine trees do not grow as tall but, their ability to reproduce layers of branches creates a thick shield that better provides privacy.

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3. Canadian hemlock trees are a spectacular choice because they prefer shade. That means more options for placement instead of only being limited to wide-open sunny areas. Canadian hemlock trees are so good at growing in indirect sunlight that they will even grow in fully shaded areas. Their need for dense wet soil makes them perfect for running along the side of a lake or pond.

4. Finally, the arborvitae evergreens are the best choice for those of us who don't necessarily have time to prune and tend to an exuberant tree. Arborvitae evergreens are excellent in that they require virtually no pruning to maintain a perfect ideal conical shape, and they adapt perfectly to almost any soil type. Their bushy and naturally maintained off-shoots make the perfect arrangement for in between you and your neighbors house.

With their elegant look, bushy branches, and sheer versatility, evergreens make the perfect material for a Living Fence Trees, no matter what your needs are.

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