The Butterfly Attracting Beauty Bush

The Butterfly Attracting Beauty Bush

What Is Beauty Bush

The Beauty Bush is a woody flowering honeysuckle plant. It originates from Central China, and its use of it has spread throughout the world. The remarkable pink flowers are unmistakably unique. This shrub would be perfect in just about any wildflower landscape scheme.

The Beauty Of Beauty Bush

The dark pink buds of this flowering plant contrast perfectly with the deep green leaves that are so distinctive of this beloved flower garden foliage. It is most beautiful when a mixture of buds and opening flowers are displayed very prominently in front of a camera. It makes a mark in any estate yard.

Even when the Beauty Bush is not in bloom, the green of this bush stands out quite nicely. It makes an excellent hedge border in any yard.

Zones 4-8
Mature Height- 10 ft
Mature Width- 15 ft
Growth/year- 6 inches-2 ft
Sunlight- Full Sun to partial shade
Soil conditions- Fertile, well-drained
Botanical name- Carpinus Americana

Beauty Bush Is One Of A Kind