The Carolina Rhododendron

The Carolina Rhododendron

Carolina Rhododendron Has A Lovely Smell

The Carolina Rhododendron has a beautiful scent and a striking unique look to this shrub. This shrub grows beautifully, and when it blooms, you enjoy the flowers until the end of Spring. The Carolina Rhododendron is one of the top picks from the Rhododendron family of plants. This plant is a homeowner's top choice because of its unique look, smell, and size.

The Beautiful Flowers Of Carolina Rhododendron

The flower blooms are small groups of tiny white flowers with very bright hints of yellow in the centers. You can plant these shrubs in full or partial sun; they thrive either way. Watering twice a week to keep the ground moist around the base will keep this plant very healthy. Remember to keep the ground moist yet well-drained.

Gardening Growing Specs:
Gardening Zones: 3 - 9
Plants Mature Height: 5 ft.
Plants Mature Width: 5 ft.
Required Sunlight: Full - Partial Sun
Flower Blooms: Spring
Top Soil Recommended Conditions: Slightly Moist but Well Drained
Plants Growing Spacing: 3 ft.
Botanical: Rhododendron

The Carolina Rhododendron Is A Favorite Of Home Owners