The Earth's Soil

The Earth's Soil

In the last century, the world's population has grown increasingly greedy in their consumption habits. The most pivotal part of this issue is that the problem is no longer isolated. America is not the only country whose hands could never be complete.

China and various third-world countries have adopted a culture of the excess as a sign of prosperity. The world's most significant contributor to the buildup of greenhouse gasses (as the world's leading consumers in the auto industry) in our atmosphere has recently been bestowed upon China.

It seems the more you have, the more you are worth as an individual. It is sad. Pollution is no longer the only danger to our fragile host. Here is an insider's look at a few ways our need for more is ruining our planet's soil.

The cultural power placed upon an item of clothing is insatiable.

From the existence of raging pop culture, we've acquired a taste for the flashiest of adornments. Society craves the ability to own fifty pairs of shoes, the finest linens, and forty-seven of the fluffiest towels.

Each article of clothing and every individual accessory requires the reaping of some plant. That is fine in moderation. In excess, the process of stripping and planting fields over and over again will ruin the soil.

Consumerism puts more diesel rigs on the roads.

While high demand in business is a blessing, it is a curse for the soil of our planet. Higher consumption rates require a greater quantity of large trucks on the roads. That poses an elevated risk of accidents and spills.

The domino effect is a certainty in this case. Excess indulgence by the world's population only drives the polluting and toxifying effects on the Earth's precious resources. What is the world to do when we can no longer sustain our insatiable need for more?

When more shopping centers are built, more land is destroyed.

Destroyed Land


Our desperate need for the building is a real threat to the soil. Constructing a home for purposes of shelter is understandable.

Building five shopping centers right next to one another is not understandable. Millions of acres of untouched land are destroyed daily. The endless need for tree harvesting and urbanization is affecting the wildlife and humanity’s ability to sustain itself.

Riches and Grandeur rule society’s psyche. A new wave gold rush in Alaska is proving to be catastrophic for the wildlife and plant life of the area. Obesity is alive and well.

Obesity has no upside. Overconsumption of edible resources not only ruins the soil in which our crops are grown, but it just isn’t healthy.

Obesity has been labeled an epidemic for a reason. There are too many clear dangers for people to begin to focus on all the hidden dangers of obesity. It does not solely affect humans. It only drives the need for more in every way imaginable.