The Lovely Orange Azalea

The Lovely Orange Azalea

What Is Orange Azalea

Orange Azaleas will fill your yard with a pleasant aroma and brilliant colors for most of the year. They can survive prolonged extreme temperatures ranging from below-freezing to harsh sweltering highs. They are most commonly seen in the southern states and have become familiar with old-fashioned deep southern culture.


Orange Azalea's Beautiful Bloom

When the Orange Azalea is in bloom, it is lavishly covered with dozens of dazzling flowers two to three inches wide, covering almost every inch of the bush's surface. The flowers are so brilliant and intensely fragrant that they are popular among butterflies and hummingbird enthusiasts.

An Orange Azalea will grow into a large bush that often becomes the center of attention in most landscaping designs. There isn't another type of perennial or shrub that can outperform their volume in flowers. The bush is highly resilient, with a robust root system, stems, and leaves. They are an excellent choice for experienced and beginning gardeners.

Botanical name: Rhododendron Subgenus

Sunlight: Partial to full

Mature height: 4 – 6 feet

Mature width: 6 -8 feet

Zones: 2 - 10


Orange Azalea Is The Perfect Hardy Plant