Unique Sourwood Tree Seedlings

Unique Sourwood Tree Seedlings

Sourwood tree seedlings are native to the Southeastern United States. They are hardy in growing zones 5 through 9, and most domesticated versions can grow  to 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Under ideal conditions, they may grow as much as 13 to 24 inches annually. Sourwood tree seedlings prefer full sun areas for at least six hours per day and acidic and well-drained soil. As mature trees, they produce fragrant white blooms in summer and ornamental seed pods in winter.

Plant sourwood tree seedlings in damp soil rich with composted material, and water them often. These trees are mainly intolerant to drought and require ideal conditions to reach their full splendor. The leaves of a mature sourwood tree turn bright crimson and red in autumn. Later, ornamental seedpods appear that decorate the sourwood tree throughout winter.

Sourwood Tree Seedlings Attract Honeybees

Sourwood trees are often called brown trees, but they also go by other names, including lily-of-the-valley tree, sour gum, and arrowwood tree. The leaves of these trees are waxy green with an elongated shape. They can be chewed to alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth but should not be swallowed. This tree gets its name from the sour taste of its leaves.

From June through July, white blooms appear on mature sourwood trees. They’re bell-shaped in appearance and highly fragrant. As the blooms fade and summer becomes fall, blossoms drop away, and leaves turn from green to a brilliant red, purple, or yellow — with all colors often featured on a single tree. As they mature, sourwood tree seedlings attract honeybees which produce delicious sourwood honey.

Sourwood Tree Seedlings May Live for 200 Years


When planted in a premium location and under ideal growing conditions, sourwood tree seedlings may have a lifespan of between 100 and 200 years. It’s a tree that will bring shade, color, and beauty to your yard for generations. If you add sourwood tree seedlings to your landscape, expect to see deer grazing among the leaves and twigs.

Most parts of the sourwood tree are edible, including the leaves that are chewed or made into tea, the bark that can be chewed to soothe mouth pain, and the sap used to treat fever. Early pioneers had many uses for this compact shade tree, including harvesting the famous sourwood nectar made by bees from this tree’s fragrant blossoms.

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Sourwood Tree Seedlings Are Something Everyone Should Have In There Yard