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Clearance Plants Offered at TN Nursery

One of the tricks of the trade that the most seasoned gardeners know about is buying your plants on clearance. When the prime season for a plant has run out, garden supply stores and nurseries will often put certain plants on clearance. However, these plants are relatively easy to grow in the season that they are put on clearance than they are when they are total price. Here are three ways to spot clearance plants.

CLEARANCE - Shop Off-Season

Everyone knows about the tradition of shopping off-season for clothing. You can get a great deal on Winter clothes if you buy them in the Summer when they're on clearance. The same concept applies to plants. When Summer comes around, the flower plants will be in the total price. However, if you choose perennial plants that flower in the late Spring and buy them in the Summer, you will save yourself money. Buying maple trees in the Spring rather than the fall will save you money. TN Nursery has a clearance page for low prices on clearance plants Plant vendors will often put their Spring blooming plants on sale once Summer rolls around, so look out for those clearance signs and shop smart.

Plants that Need a Little Help or Maybe Not

We may have dug too many or have a surplus of plants, and we cleared them. All the plants we ship are freshly dug or in the cooler and ready to ship to your home.

Shop Overstock Clearance Plants

Sometimes plants will just get put on clearance because they are overstocked. Perhaps the order maker meant to order 100 but mistakenly ordered 103. If this happens, the garden supply or landscape supply will often put these plants on sale. Tn Nursery has a clearance page for low prices on clearance plants They are excellent and can be tended to with ease. Make sure to shop for overstock, the stock the ordering team didn't mean to order but did mistakenly and now have to get rid of.

It's perfectly possible to stalk your garden with clearance plants that will still create a beautiful display. It would be best if you looked for plants that need extra help, ones that are off-season, and those that are overstock. If you do so, you will indeed have a stunning garden.