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Sphagnum Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Sphagnum Moss Grows Fast and Steadily and is Low Maintenance

Sphagnum Moss is Pure to Grow and Requires a Few Basics.

Regarding lawns, most folks might not consider moss a beautiful alternative, but it indeed is, and Sphagnum Moss can create a lovely dense green ground cover instead of traditional grass. It's also kind to the environment in a small way because this moss can store large amounts of carbon, which helps reduce global warming. The living plant works in shady areas with moist soil and is low-growing, forming thick mats. Sphagnum Moss is so muscular it can support the weight of a magnificent moose walking across it.

In nature, the plant is found in acidic soil around wet, boggy areas and wooded swamps. That means lime is not a friend of this moss. The plant only likes partial to full shade and does well in well-drained soil, sandy or clay forms.

Sphagnum Moss produces a Velvety Green Blanket and is Ideal for Sloping Areas and places where grass has Difficulty Growing.

The plant also features tiny leaves that grow very close to the stem; some have "teeth." The dense clumps they amass can even float atop bog water. It's resilient and draws nutrients from the air and water rather than the soil. It makes for the perfect shady garden and adds interesting texture, greenery, and, in other terms, "calming beauty" to one's landscape design. The moss can even proliferate underwater.

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This particular type of moss needs a low pH to grow in soil or near the water with any lime. It often grows in clusters but is relatively small. Though these clusters are small, they are incredibly dense. This moss, called bog mats, was so close together that it could float on top of the water. Sphagnum Moss has a very shallow root system, making it versatile and able to grow almost anywhere.

Sphagnum Moss has small leaves. The leaves are small and often have tiny teeth. The leaves can vary in color from red, burgundy, yellow, or brown, depending on their growing area. But the leaves are usually light green because the capillary tubes hold water like a sponge.

Therefore, you can squeeze it out and reuse it. If you are ever in a survival situation, finding this moss dry can be used as an excellent fuel or fire starter. Though it doesn't burn as long as other things, you could use it as fuel. Since this type of moss grows in swamps and wet areas, it is hard to find dry moss as a fire starter.

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