Advantages Of Planting Shrubs

Advantages of Planting Shrubs

Shrubs are a type of plant usually woody in nature and growing without a single master shoot to act as the leader of the plant branches. There are numerous of Advantages Of Planting Shrubs , including an improvement in soil and water conditions. Trees and shrubs are often planted in are where the soil and landscape require regeneration.

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The planting of native species usually requires less fertilizer and chemical products to establish and maintain growth once the plant is established. When planted, the movement of chemicals and pollutants through surface water is limited by the low base of these plants. Other forms of conservation advantages found through the use of shrubs include the ability of wildlife to shelter and feed on certain species' flowers, foliage, and fruits.

Planting can take place successfully in both the Spring and Fall in most regions; options for planting include cuttings and seeds, with flowering shrubs such as roses often planted from seed. A well-designed yard containing plants, trees, and flowering shrubs can increase real estate value by improving curb appeal. Regarding energy efficiency, architectural plants can significantly save energy consumption and utility bills.