American Beech

The American Beech tree is a beautiful name for a fantastic tree. It grows in eastern America, and even though it grows slowly, it will be solid and beautiful and give you years of life and beauty. It grows best in full sunlight environments but can tolerate some shade more than other trees in its class. It can grow anywhere from sixty to fifteen feet and spread at least forty feet when it reaches maturity. This tree is pretty pest and disease resistant, and if you see some areas where this is happening, you can easily remove it without hurting the tree’s growth or development. The diameter of this tree can be as large as thirteen feet and a crown on this particular tree is colossal once it reaches maturity. It is known for its bark color, and the leaves are relatively large, reaching lengths from three to five inches. This tree can live to be over three hundred years old, and in previous times, the bark was even used as a substitute for coffee.

Another interesting fact is that the leaves and bark have also been used to make dyes for various things. It is a famous tree for golf courses and parks and provides many shades and beauty throughout the year. The American Beech tree is an excellent choice for anyone, especially those with a large yard and needing shade. The leaves vary in color and provide a constant display of color and life in your yard. American Beech is a great tree, and even though it is not a common one for residential homes, it will surprise you. Stand out amongst your neighbors and try something new and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by how it will transform your yard and provide you some shade and gathering space. When making an addition to your yard, especially when considering adding a tree, make this one consideration on your list.