Beautiful Roses

For much of the year, roses provide a burst of color and life in our gardens. They are classic and beautiful with a wild side all their own. Here are some tips for year-round care of these delicate yet hardy flowers. Growing roses may seem overwhelming or complicated, but you can have your very own successful and beautiful rose garden when you follow some simple steps. Plant these early and also make sure to give them fertilizer to help them grow and develop. Plant in the early spring months of the year; this is also when you should fertilize new and old rose plants. A slow-releasing fertilizer is best for this. Give them regular watering and mulch near the roots to keep moisture levels high and low soil temperatures.

Most experts recommend watering just the ground and keeping it modest. Watering the actual flowers can cause them to develop unsightly black spots. Nobody wants that in their garden! If you develop this, use a very mild fungicide every two weeks, which should eventually go away. It would help if you also did regular pruning to encourage new growth and health. In April and May, add your fertilizer that will feed the flowers for about twelve weeks. You will also want to deadhead the flowers constantly so that new blooms will form, and the plant will get a healthy makeover in the process. In November, you will want to cut each plant back. Experts recommend cutting back to at least thirty-two inches in height. Growing your roses is not as difficult as you think, and with the proper care and maintenance, these will be the prize of your garden area. They will also be quite the focal point for visiting friends and family. Follow these simple steps of fertilizing, watering, pruning, and deadheading, and you cannot go wrong! Try your hand at rose gardening and prepare to be amazed at how easy the process of growing these beautiful and classic flowers can be.