Thornless Roses

Roses are beautiful to grow, but some have very sharp thorns that can hurt the elderly, domestic animals, and children. Those with blood clot problems should also consider growing plants without roses. You may also not like the appearance of rough thorns contrasting against such beautiful, soft rose petals. Plants develop thorns as a defense mechanism against predators. There are alternatives if you’re tired of pruning and trimming roses with thorns. Find out from your local nursery where you can get any roses without thorns, and check the stems offered by stores to see if roses contain any thorns. Wide varieties of throne-less roses are made by gardening enthusiasts and horticulturists who successfully managed to grow roses without thrones. The Zephrine Drouhin is an example of roses without thorns. There are many other roses without thorns, so do some research and discover what kinds of roses are not plagued with solid and natural defenses. There are entire communities devoted to growing roses, and those groups are primarily known for growing beautiful roses without thorns. If you are a rose-growing enthusiast, try joining a rose gardening group or a growing roses competition. Many specialty roses are known for intense competition and beautiful rose-cutting form. These are great places to not only find roses without thorns, but you can find a more comprehensive selection of gorgeous roses that do not come with the roughness of thorny stems. Roses are beautiful, but they can be dangerous if they contain thorns. If you appreciate the beauty of roses without the roughness and prickly nature of the stems, then some roses are available without the thorns. Some roses do contain naturally smooth stems, so if you worry about hybridized plants, then there are naturally growing roses that do not contain thrones.