Benefits of Growing Moss in Your Garden

Benefits of Growing Moss in Your Garden

Moss Benefits In Growing

Moss: When people think of green lawns, most envision a thick grass carpet covering their yards. In the past decade, this type of ground cover has become more and more unsustainable because the use of water has become regulated, especially during the summer months. This is why more and more gardeners are exploring the possibilities offered by moss gardens, and many will find that nurseries usually have different types of moss for sale.

If you want a manicured lawn with a thick carpet of grass, you need to ensure you have full sun – something necessary to keep the grass green and healthy. Because of this, grass lawns also need a lot of water. On the other hand, people who use moss do not have to deal with this balancing act, which is only one of the many benefits you get from cultivating a moss garden instead of grass.

• If you grow moss, you won’t have to cut any of your trees; moss will thrive ideally on a shady lawn. To determine where you can start growing your new ground cover, look at the shaded, bald spots in your garden. Give these areas good water dowsing and see if some moss will naturally sprout.

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Moss is Low Maintenance

• Moss does not need as much water as grass. Although moss is to be kept well watered, its requirement is substantially less than what popular grass varieties need. Depending on the moss desired, sprinkling your moss lawn for 2 to 5 minutes twice daily usually is sufficient for good hydration.

• You have a wide selection of textures when you use moss. If you visit a nursery with moss for sale, you will find that moss comes in various shapes and forms. While most lawns covered with grass look untidy when several types of grass are used, moss lends itself to being used in creative combinations. For example, you can plant reindeer moss in a part of your garden with rather more sunlight, Irish moss in an area with more shade, and Hypnum moss in large flat areas with a more delicate texture appropriate.

• Moss can grow well even if the soil is less than ideal. It can thrive in acidic or alkaline soil, and because it does not have a deep root system, it can do well even in rocky soil. Reindeer moss, for example, can grow against rocks for as long as it has sufficient drainage, moisture, and sunlight. Other types of moss, such as Irish moss, need well-drained soil but can be spread on rocks in shady parts of the garden.

Moss gardens have a soft, aged ambiance that neatly manicured lawns do not always have. If you plan to use moss to cover a part of your garden, explore the idea of using several varieties instead of just one, and you will be enchanted by the jewel-like shades of green that will greet you each morning.

Moss is an evergreen groundcover that is easy to plant and thrive in mosit areas

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