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Irish Moss - 25 Square Feet

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Planting Irish moss can be a terrific way to add some color, like lively green, rich silver, or creamy white hues, to partially shaded and heavily shaded areas of your yard. It might provide the perfect solution if you have a place where most grasses or flowers won't be taken due to a lack of sunshine, soil compaction, or deficiencies.

Irish Moss IS Found Deep In The Forest

Irish Moss grows naturally in the deepest forests and wettest swamplands across the United States. The key to choosing the best type for your yard is understanding the various types and their preferred environments.

Irish Moss Fights Soil Erosion 

Broom fork, mood, rock cap: This ground cover type can help reduce soil erosion and add velvety, plush foliage that creates the appearance of a rolling landscape. The fluffy green appearance of Dicranium scoparium can add life back to the shadiest areas, even when other plants fail to "take."

Pincushion cushion: This charming type forms dense tufts or clumps in a soft green hue with elegant silvery undertones. While it prefers to call partial to full-shaded areas home, Leucobrym glaucum can tolerate some sunshine.

Reindeer: Reindeer can grow almost anywhere, even in Alaska's arctic cold. Cladonia rangiferina has leaves shaped like reindeer horns, tipped with a silvery-white color reminiscent of snow.

Irish Moss Can Be A Focal Point In Your Garden

Topiary: If you plan to create topiaries as focal points for your garden, you need a lot of it to get the lush look you want. Topiary is not a particular species but depends on the artist selecting the most appropriate kind for the finished sculpture's location.

Sphagnum, peat: Peat is more than the potting mix you buy from the local garden center. It also refers to the living ground cover that traps moisture and nourishes the soil. Peat is a favorite for sustainability-minded organic gardeners for its lively green color and long-term positive impact on the ecosystem.

Hedwigia: Perfect in every setting, from partially sunny to full shade, Hedwigia ciliata can help you quickly cover a steep or rocky hill with lovely green foliage.

Fern: One of the most ornamental types is the fern, which takes its name from the frond-like appearance of the leaves and its fern-green color. Thuidium delecatulum is a showstopper in any setting.

Haircap: The tiny hair-like leaves of haircap add a fascinating element to the garden. The texture and color combine to make haircap incredibly popular with T.N. Nursery customers.

Irish Moss Makes Your Garden Pop

TN Nursery proudly grows some of the healthiest kind in the United States. We harvest ours only when someone orders, then ship it out fresh. Let us help beautify your garden--order today.

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