Dill Has Many Benefits

Dill is the most impressive and popular herb. It is flavorful, has a lovely scent, and is famous for pickling things. It also has a lengthy history, dating back to biblical times. It also used to be very valuable monetarily and used to be kept under lock and key. However, now you can find it at any grocery store in numbers. This herb was also used in witchcraft as well as an aphrodisiac. The flavor of this herb is very distinctive and is sure to add something extra to any dish. One can use every part of this plant, from the seeds to the leaves and even the flowers. Dill is an annual plant and can grow as tall as five feet in certain conditions. It is also sold in smaller varieties. This herb loves an environment with full sunlight and some shelter. It also does best in soils that are moist but well-drained.

As dill gets taller, it will become more vulnerable to winds and the weather and easily break and go over. Most recommend tying it to a stick to keep it upright and protected if you notice this may be an issue. In the summer months of the year, this plant will produce yellow flowers packed full of a lovely scent. The plant makes more leaves. You can pinch the flowers back, and this will do the trick. To keep this herb in your garden without buying one, use the seeds this plant produces. Each plant will give you more than what you need, and they will be suitable for years. Plant more than one; you should plant them about twelve inches apart for best growth and development. You can even make tea from the seeds to help with indigestion, hiccups, and even colic. The seeds are the most flavorful, followed by the flowers and the leaves. Dill is a herb to add to your garden!