English Ivy Vines

English Ivy

This is a lovely plant or vine that will create a beautiful and spectacular look as it grows to cover large areas. The English ivy plant is also known to become very invasive and will look stunning growing on the side of an ancient building and will provide gorgeous character to a building or fenced-in area. This plant can regularly be trimmed, which will help keep it under control as it grows to create a unique and magical look. It can also increase to cover trunks of large or small trees and take over hedges close to them. It is one plant that a homeowner will want to add and plant away from other trees and shrubs so that it does not take them over.

This plant will also provide a beautiful natural privacy fence when added to a fenced-in area and add many brilliant green colors when grown. The English Ivy plant is also a wonderful one to grow because it can be produced so quickly. This plant can also work miracles when it comes to areas experiencing that terrible problem called soil erosion. It will grow and tighten the soil as the roots form a solid and hardy foundation. This plant also works well to establish a beautiful ground cover for rocky areas and those hilly on a lawn or other landscape. It also provides significant protection for small wildlife creatures such as those cute little chipmunks that will love to hide under it once it grows to maturity.

This plant is fantastic and one of the few that can be grown simply by adding the vine to a cup of water and rooting it. It will add beautiful curb appeal when grown and add a very English feel to an area but will look incredible as it begins to increase upbuilding and other items it grows near.

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