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English Ivy Plants

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Drew Maddison
English Ivy Plant

Such a rustic effect when this covers pillars of your garden structure. I started planting this in my vacation house and it has been crawling up wildly.

English Ivy is a fast-growing, low-maintenance vine from ancient Greece. This superb climber can reach heights of up to 80 feet without difficulty.

Zones For English Ivy

This vine is native to Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia. Hardiness zones are 4 to 9. The vines often bear dark greenish-yellow or greenish-white leaves.

It may take a season or two to take off; organic soil must get the best results from the vines.

Where And How To Plant English Ivy

Then, place each vine about a foot or so apart. Once the roots take hold, the vines cling to almost anything. Unlike most vines that thirst for sunshine, this vine is the opposite. These vines thrive in cool, shady areas. If you have bald areas in your garden, they make great ground covering.

The cool thing about this perennial is that it can grow indoors. You can use stakes, pots, or even baskets. However, successful indoor growth needs direct and indirect sunlight, depending on the season.

English Ivy Grows Fast, So Pruning Is Needed

If you need to manage the English Ivy, some pruning is fine. Never yank off vines because they could damage trees or other objects. It's better just to cut away any excess vines.

This vine grows well between 45 and 80 degrees. However, excessive cold winds and summer heat can kill it.

English Ivy Is Easy To Propagate

This vine is one of the easiest to propagate. Just submerge a few tree trimmings with healthy roots in water. In a few days, roots will grow. Plant them in loose soil or in-ground cover, and they will take hold.