Ferns for Sun: A Sustainable and Low-Maintenance Landscaping Solution

Ferns for Sun: A Sustainable and Low-Maintenance Landscaping Solution

It is impressive how trees play an essential role in the environment. First and foremost, trees provide us with fresh oxygen and shelter. Additionally, they also beautify the environment making it more attractive. In this article, I am going to focus on ferns for the sun, which can be carefully planted in the home or backyard.

To start with, sun ferns are very hardy and easy to grow. They come in wide varieties, and people buy according to their preferences. Common sunny ferns include lady fern, bracken fern, New York fern, Christmas fern, and hay-scented fern.

Lady fern

Lady ferns grow to about five feet with bright green leaves and a fine lacy texture. Amazingly, the plant is easy to grow and maintain through a slow growth rate. Indeed, lady ferns can be a great addition to shady and moist gardens.

Bracken fern

Bracken fern is arguably one of the ferns in high distribution worldwide. They pose a distinction of large, highly divided leaves. They are great for someone looking for background cover near homes and gardens.

New York fern

New York is a sunny fern found primarily in coastal and mountain areas. New York ferns are wetland plants that can blossom more than other soil species below 4. They can make the best woodland garden by covering more background and providing shelter for toads.

Ostrich fern

It is one of the best Ostrich Fern sunny ever found due to its endurance and high survival chances. It can grow 2-3 feet in moist woodland areas. The plant spreads through underground rhizomes, making a network of colonies.

Hay-scented fern

As the name suggests, the plant has a strong scent of mowed hay. The fern is a bright green plant that transforms to soft yellow in the fall. Hay-scented can be great when covering the ground, especially in landscape areas h2ke border edging. 

In conclusion, you can visit a tree nursery to explore different types of Hay Sunny Ferns and choose the ones that fit your needs and plans.