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Lady Fern

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Customer Reviews

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Geoffrey Selling
lady fern root chunks

They arrived well packed and the correct number was included. A few more planting instructions (eg; depth) would help but I knew enough to manage it. the packing was good and I appreciated the reminder that these will not probably sprout till NEXT spring. This is for a fundraiser and I will share that information with all who purchased the ferns. None of the root clumps was measly. It WAS hard to read which kind of fern was in each bag because the black marker that had been used was obviously running out of ink. Make sure your staff uses a DARK marker so your customers know which is which. Finally, I would have appreciated a packing slip so that I could double check the order with the number of ferns provided. I didn't want my laptop in the planting area because of water and dirt. But all in all, this was a good purchase.

patti joiner
Healthy, big lady ferns

Once again thank you Tennessee Wholesale for sending big healthy plants that almost always thrive. My Fern garden is full of lady ferns that are spreading and thriving even in the sun. Thank you!

Penny Byers
Lady Fern

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Eric Rogers
Lady Fern

I am happy with this product.

Lady Fern 

The Lady Fern is a commonly chosen addition to many landscaping designs thanks to its pure green color and uniquely textured leaves. Known formally as the Atrium Flexi-Femina, this fern will reach a height of two to three feet and a spread of three to seven feet. It's a fast grower that can flourish in various environments, making it the perfect choice for adding green foliage to any landscape. 

Lady Ferns are Delicate Looking in Gardens


 Native to the United States and Canada, these handsome perennial sports feathery-like leaves that taper down to its base in an alternating pattern. Each frond is elongated in shape and is segmented into various lance-like lobes. This adds a much-needed dimension to this fern, making it a unique choice. Each frond can reach a length of between two to three feet, with a fully arched appearance. 

 This plant has a lush, light green hue perfect for naturalizing a setting. It's even used regularly to prevent soil erosion in areas of unstabilized soil. Contrary to this fern's light and delicate appearance, it resists rabbits and deer. This versatile garden favorite is very cold-tolerant and hardy.

 This deciduous fern is ideal for adding volume to any outdoor space. You may hear it referred to as Tatting Fern, Female Fern, and Asplenium Ladyfern. This lacy, ornamental fern will bring green foliage to your garden throughout the year. Only going dormant during the winter months, you can rely on this fern as a staple for your home garden. 

 A lush form of groundcover, the Lady Fern is self-fertile and will emerge from its previous year's rootstock year after year. This fast-growing plant will have stems that transition from a green to purple or red hue in the fall months.

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