Flowering White Dogwood Trees

Flowering White Dogwood Trees

For a good reason, the White Dogwood Tree continues to rank among the most prized by property owners and landscape professionals. Its glorious white flowers contrast with deep green leaves while offering a graceful ornamental element to its properties. But the White Dogwood Tree continues to deliver sustained beauty for all four seasons. Its dark leaves contrast the silver-gray bark when not in full bloom, and its red fruits bring winter birds chirping. But the White Dogwood Tree also possesses robust purplish-red fall foliage that distinguishes it from many other ornamental assets.

What You Need To Know About The White Dogwood Tree

Despite the White Dogwood Tree’s refined elegance, it remains relatively easy to grow and requires only modest watering and cares to thrive. Considered a modestly-sized ornamental, the White Dogwood Tree matures to 25 feet. It typically provides a spread of up to 25 feet covered in eye-catching blooms in March or April before evolving throughout the seasons.
Professional landscapers generally consider the White Dogwood Tree a moderate-growing ornamental because it gains 1-2 feet annually in full sun to partial shade. These are essential items to consider when planting a White Dogwood Tree.
Hardiness: White Dogwood Trees grow well throughout the U.S., especially in Zones 5-9. They may require additional support in the far north or deep southern climates.
Soil: Highly adaptable, White Dogwood Trees flourish in soils with high clay and sand content, among others. They prefer mildly acidic conditions, coupled with moist and loamy textures, when possible.
Watering: Their roots tend to run shallow, making moderate surface moisture a priority when included in suburban landscapes. Although the White Dogwood Tree requires minimal care, watering remains a priority. This species can fare poorly during droughts, requiring robust watering twice weekly. On the other hand, the White Dogwood Tree does not thrive when oversaturated.
Pruning: This ornamental naturally develops a lovely round shape that completes many front yard landscapes. Property owners need only remove any damaged or dying branches, should they emerge.
The White Dogwood Tree typically blooms during its first season, and the best time to plant remains spring, whenever possible. It will thrive during high-rain seasons when grown in soil that drains reasonably well. It enjoys tremendous popularity as a landscaping asset, and should property owners should plant them a minimum of 15 feet away from houses and other structures.

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Although the White Dogwood Tree demonstrates significant hardiness, property owners would be well-served to purchase them from a professional source. Particular fungus and pest infestations can compromise seedlings, mostly when plucked from the wild. If you would like to integrate an all-season White Dogwood Tree into your landscape, work with a professional tree nursery. Our TN nursery enjoys a complete inventory of healthy White Dogwood Trees.

White Dogwood Trees Can Transform Your Home