Keeping Bears Out

We usually consider bears carnivorous, but they will go after plant items like fruit and vegetables. Bears especially like leafy plants in the form of cabbage and lettuce, so if you are growing a vegetable or fruit garden near the wilderness, you may want to be concerned about bears. If you have seen a bear in your yard, it may be after something on your property, whether your plant life or garbage pile. Be sure to keep all garbage indoors if your area is known to have bears. Takedown bird feeders get rid of rotting fruit or vegetable since that will only attract the senses of bears. You may want to avoid building a fence around trees since bears can climb trunks and branches to get onto your property, and there would be nothing worse than a fenced-in bear on your property. If you see a bear, then do not panic. Better yet, do not move. If you move, the animal will only chase you, and no human can outrun a bear no matter how heavy it is. The bear will tackle a running human, which could severely damage a person’s spinal cord on impact due to the animal’s heavyweight. Your best bet is to remain calm and not move to let the animal know you are not a threat. The younger males may try to psyche you out by growling or fake charging but stand your ground. If you see a bear in your yard or around your garden, then you can psyche the bear out yourself by walking outside and clinging pots and pans together to scare the animal away, but always remain by your doorstep. If the bear comes towards you, then hurry back inside. The beer will mostly run since it is only looking for food and wants to avoid confrontation. Unfortunately, there are no bear repellents since typically. These chemicals use the natural scents of an animal’s predator to deter them. Since bears are top predators, natural repellants are useless when trying to protect your garden. You can set up motion lights to let you know if an animal has entered your yard or garden. You can also tie a string and posts with attached empty cans so a large animal will trigger lots of noise and possibly scare it away. As long as you have a fenced-in area away from trees, your garden should be well protected against bears.