Native Fern Plants Are Excellent For Use As Border Plants

Native Fern Plants Are Excellent For Use As Border Plants

Fern plants are excellent for use as border plants in areas of shade or filtered sunlight. Native varieties of ferns plants like Christmas Fern, New York, and Giant Ostrich are gardener's favorite choices sometimes because they are hardy, and the native's always do not require lots of maintenance.

Christmas fern is a native that is somewhat an evergreen type fern hardy in zones 4-9. Its evergreen ability solely depends on how cold the particular climate they are planted in gets in winter. Christmas fern has a broad spread near 3 feet at maturity and is loved by many shade garden enthusiasts.

New York Fern thrives when planted near moisture and is a delicate, more miniature fern that works well when planted to outline more abundant ferns, perennials, or shrubbery. This fern gets its name "New York" because of its native growing origin. It's a beloved fern because of its longevity and delicacy.

The Giant Ostrich Ferns are just that! They get as tall as 3 feet and have a spread of nearly 4 feet at maturity. The ostrich ferns are natives that live and thrive well when planted in zones 3-9. The Baltimore Gardens uses ferns to outline the area for scenic beauty. They work correctly when utilizing them for privacy around trash bins or gas tanks outdoors.

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